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The Price is Right 2

Image_00037 Yesterday Sue-Anne shot another segment on the TV game show 'The Price Is Right' at Channel Nine. It was her second time doing a magical cameo as 'Jeannie' on the show. This episode will probably air in a week or two and, for the incredibly short time she appears on screen, there's a lot of work behind the scenes!

She spent quite some time coming up with the brief (5 seconds!) illusion she would be performing in order to showcase a vacuum cleaner and an air conditioner. The apparatus was prepared in our studio and Sue-Anne spent the morning gathering all of her Jeannie costume and accessories together.

We arrived at the studios in Richmond for a 12 noon rehearsal, but weren't called on until about 12.30. We had a a quick technical run through with producer Michael Pope (who, luckily, is a big magic fan and really wanted to make sure everything was 100%). They had even designed a special prize display with a 'Jeannie' feel about it.

Shooting was scheduled for 2.15pm, so it was off for lunch and then Sue-Anne added the final touches to her make-up. Fellow magician and Channel Nine employee Carly popped in to the set to say hi and watch the proceedings as 2pm approached.

Finally, a little after 2.15, their 'Major Nelson' got into position behind the sliding prize doors, and Sue-Anne began to "levitate". Larry Emdur gestured to the doors and they opened revealing Jeannie sitting on a cushion of air as Major Nelson stood their scratching his head. The prizes were announced... and that was it! It was over. We said goodbye to Carly and the producer of our segment, gathered up our magical equipment and headed off. No applause, no reviews, no idea of how the whole thing is even going to look until it goes to air.