Nine? I'd give them a three...
How good is this?!!!

Wrestling.... ummmmm

I think I speak for all wrestling fans when I say I think I'll be giving RAW a miss for a while... at least until after the next PPV. The writers have come up with angles which are both deliberately offensive (Vince McMahon challenging God to a match. As one wrestling commentator said: "Deuteronomy 6:16") and totally pathetic (Kane and his voices) that it's going to be a bit embarrassing to admit you're a fan for the next few weeks.

I mean come on... we can suspend the disbelief when the camera catches people plotting backstage and 1: The people quite happily discuss their plots apparently oblivious to the fact that the camera is broadcasting their secret plan, 2: The people they then attack somehow weren't watching the show when the plans were discussed on TV. We fans let the WWE get away with that for the sake of a fun storyline. But on this week's RAW the camera catches Kane in a private moment and we can actually hear what he's THINKING! Yes, somehow we have to believe that the WWE has mics that are so good they can now pick up people's thoughts!

Well, the WWE doesn't need a magic microphone to know what the majority of the fans think of this angle. Just check the ratings.