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Sydney Dreams of Jeannie!

SonySue-Anne spent yesterday in Sydney as 'Jeannie' for the Australian launch of the DVD 'I Dream of Jeannie - Season One'. Sony arranged for her to appear at the JBHiFi Store in The Galeries Victoria in the heart of the city and it was a big success.

Sue-Anne spent most of the afternoon and evening posing for photographs with Jeannie fans, and Sony had arranged for a camera and printer so customers could take their photos home with them.

Jeanniedvd1Sue-Anne said that reactions ranged from excited and delighted to stunned when people suddenly found themselves face to face with 'Jeannie'.

The four-disc set of DVDs is now available Australia-wide in all good DVD stores and the second season (which was released ten days ago in the USA) will be available here in a few months.