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FISM Close Up

Well we made it through security here at Heathrow with no hassles, though I had to check my carry-on bag because it's too big now and Sue-Anne couldn't bring any make-up, toothpaste or water in her carry-on, and we both had to remove our shoes, belts, jackets and get patted-down in security. (Though, they didn't pat me down... I guess when they saw me standing there in my shirt and pants they could see I had nothing to hide... hmmm).

Anyway, just thought I'd fill in some of our 5 hour wait in the BA Lounge by telling you about a chat we had with Noel Britten last night in Bath (and we'll tell you about the brilliant Bizarre Bath Tour later!).

We were discussing the difficult viewing circumstances for close-up at FISM and Noel said that they really should use 6 rooms with a judge in each room and the performers repeat their acts 6 times.

Such a sensible idea, one that is used in conventions all over the world.

It doesn't need to be 6 rooms... even 3 would be a vast improvement on the viewing conditions we currently suffer through at every FISM.

It would also be a GREAT way to present the Close Up Gala Show at FISM too. Three rooms, the performers rotate and repeat. Every gets a better view...

What do you think?