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The times they are a-changing

These are the times I worry. My Grandfather used to go to the Ivanhoe Baptist Church. I drive past there quite often to visit Trick or Treat Magic Cafe. Recently I've noticed a sign up there as part of their Livingstone Centre Community Outreach offering courses in Hatha Yoga.

Unfortunately, the spirituality of yoga doesn't really mesh very well with the core principles of the Baptist Church. It only takes a minute to do a google search and read what Hatha Yoga is all about.

The Livingstone Centre also offer courses in 'TST' - Learn The Five Tibetan Exercises Rites and Energy Breathing.

A little more searching and I can see the Yoga in Daily Life group have classes at the Doncaster Baptist Church too... Who is behind these classes? Click here.

I know to many people it will appear that I am being intolerant, I'm not. Christianity is about a personal relationship with the living God. Yoga is all about finding spirituality within ourselves. With Christianity, we are saved by God's grace, with Yoga we save ourselves by our own effort. The Bible says that no man can serve two masters, but for a Christian to be involved in Yoga, that's exactly what they're doing.

In essence, I have no objection to Yoga classes in public halls, private buildings or ashrams, but when a Christian Church appears to be endorsing Yoga practices... something is not quite right.