Ansvar Insurance saga continues
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Ansvar Insurance saga - Part 3

As I type this, Sue-Anne is off at Summerhill Repairs looking at her car. Sam, the repairer, called her and invited her to come and take a look at the progress.

I still hadn't heard from Ansvar so I called them and spoke to claims officer Matt who told me that Ansvar have been keeping a very close eye on the repair. They have had an assessor there every few days checking up, making sure the repair is being done properly.

Do you see something missing from this equation? Ansvar pays an assessor to report back to them how the repair is going (ie: how the repairer is spending their money), then Ansvar documents that information in their system.... and do they tell me, the customer? No. Do they call me and let me know how long the repair is going to take? No. Why would I need to know?

However, after chatting to Matt, he assured me he would have the assessor call me to update me on the progress of the repair.

I pointed out to him that we've been without the car now for over two months, and I again repeated my request for a replacement car. Again, he said we could hire a car ourselves and submit the receipts to Ansvar, who would then submit them to GIO (the other party's insurer) who would "decide" whether they would pay for the hire car or not. I questioned this. Matt explained that there can be no guarantee that the other insurer would pay for a hire car as it depends on: "Whether the hire car is really neccessary", "How long you had the hire car for", etc.. in other words, the insurance company for the guy who slammed into the side of Sue-Anne's car, taking it off the road for at least three months, will decide if we really need a replacement car or not??!!

"This," Matt pointed out, "is a service we offer all our customers."


I just felt the need to quote this from the EIG Ansvar 'Claims' section of their website:

Claims Service

Since 1961 we have worked hard to make EIG-Ansvar become one of the most trusted names in insurance.

EIG-Ansvar recognises that the claims process is the ultimate delivery of its promise to all policyholders and that best practice management of claims is a significant contributor to continuity of the partnership.

You can trust in the quality of our service and our promise that we'll be there with friendly, caring support at the time you really need us.