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The Ansvar Smash Repair Saga - it goes on and on and on


For those of you following the Ansvar saga, here is the latest update on Sue-Anne's Peugeot:

As you might remember in the last instalment (Feb 7) we were assured by Matt the assessor that he would be visiting the car three times a week at the crash repairers and reporting to us accordingly. That worked for about a week. Now he calls us evey second week.

Last status of the car.. it's still about two to three weeks away from being returned... though we were told that last week (Wednesday or Thursday I think).

But remember - if you look in the comments section of our Feb 7 entry, Matt the assessor assured us the repair would take three to four weeks then too... and that was almost FIVE WEEKS AGO!

We've now been without the car for almost 15 WEEKS! Is that good service or what?