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The Ansvar Smash Repair Saga - latest news

As we still hadn't heard from the assessor about the progress of our car repair, we popped into the Summerhill Repair shop to pay it a visit.

For those following the saga, you may recall that I wrote, on Feb 7:

Well that was quick! Matt just called me and let me know that he'd heard from the assessor (who visits our car on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays) and he's been told the repair should take between three to four more weeks. Matt has vowed to keep us updated from now on.

Now Matt works for Ansvar, Mark is the assessor. For a week Mark called us after each visit he made to the repairer and updated us on the progress of our car. Then he called every now and then. Then it was Matt who was calling us.

Here's what we now know:

  1. Mark, the assessor, has been visiting the car three times  a week and reporting back to Matt at Ansvar by email. Mark no longer calls us to keep us informed. Matt was the last one to call us, and that was almost two weeks ago (to let us know that the car would be ready in two or three weeks).
  2. The car was painted by Summerhill, then sent to City Peugeot (remember them? we visited them on Dec 9 when they lied to us to try to get us to buy a car from them). While it was having the roof refitted at City Peugeot, they scratched the paint. Summerhill had to repaint the car. (On March 12 Matt from Ansvar did communicate this to us by saying "They messed up the paint job so we made them repaint it." I'm glad we finally found out who "they" were.
  3. Due to technicians being away and the Labour Day holiday etc.. the car spent an inordinate amount of time sitting around at City Peugeot, thus explaining some of the delay.

So, we actually saw the car today, still being assembled. Some parts had arrived from Peugot bent or damaged and had to be replaced causing more delays, some repairs done by City Peugot were not up to standard (like the driver's seat) and they had to be redone.

Current status report: The car will be ready in..... (you guessed it) two to three weeks..