Ansvar Insurance saga - Almost there...
Poker in the face!

Risen from the ashes!

The Ansvar Saga is FINALLY OVER! (We hope!)

Image_00459Sue-Anne picked up her car... 17 WEEKS AND 6 DAYS after it was smashed when a driver failed to stop at a Give Way Sign and t-boned her back on November 30, 2006.

Matt from Ansvar still hasn't called us to tell us the car is ready to pick up, but Sue-Anne now has it.

Matt from Ansvar still hasn't even given the Smash Repairers written authorisation to begin repairs on the car - even though they have been asking him for it since December.

So, for the last 18 weeks we've been debating with Ansvar over this repair, with them arguing every step of the way, trying to get out of paying this and paying that but, in the end, who is paying for the repair? As it turns out, Ansvar are billing the insurance company of the driver who hit Sue-Anne... Ansvar won't be paying a cent out of their own pockets.

In other words, Ansvar was not looking after us, their customer, but instead looking after THE OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY and making sure they would have to pay as little as possible.

Ansvar has lost a customer and, as we have almost 100,000 hits on this blog, I'm sure they'll lose a whole lot more because of the way they handled this claim.