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Ansvar Insurance saga - more to come....

Sorry to say, it's still not over. Not Ansvar's fault though... well, not totally. The assessor they hired deemed the car fully repaired but, as we've discovered, it's technically not roadworthy. The repairs done by Summerhill are fine, but City Peugeot has messed up big time. It had to be booked back in to City P to have several things done including (get this) the passengers side seatbelt fixed. (It hasn't been properly repaired after the accident, though they were supposed to do it, and because of that if there was another accident the airbags may not go off!) City P booked us in for the re-repair last Friday, but then cancelled and booked it in for this Friday.

Other faults they were supposed to have fixed include the electronics (the alarm goes off randomly now), the rear window jams, and the driver's seat was not replaced. (The padding is all askew and a slash in the leather looks like it was glue back together instead of being professionally restitched.)

Ah, but these are all teething troubles... At least Sue-Anne has her car back...