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More Benoit Developments

For those hoping that somehow Chris Benoit was "set up" and didn't really murder his wife and child or kill himself, as more facts are being uncovered that scenario is looking less and less like a possibility.

In an article HERE in the Boston Herald, a neighbour tells how she "had spoken to Benoit sometime on Saturday and he told her his wife and son were sick with food poisoning.

    “He told her this big, long story about how sick they were,” Regan said. “At the time she was thinking that it was way too much information.”
     Police believe that Benoit killed his wife on Friday, June 22, strangled his son on the 23rd and then committed suicide on 24th. The bodies were discovered in the afternoon of June 25."

A large portion of the media is concentrating on the 'steroid abuse' angle of this story (which would be good if it forces the WWE to get serious about eliminating drug use in wrestling) but an article HERE in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution suggests the problem stemmed more from "control issues" Benoit had in his home.