Open house
Day one in Taiwan

Charming Hotel - Taipei

I'm off to do a TV spot in Taiwan and something tells me I might have some "Engrish Ressons" coming my way. Take a look at this from my hotel's website:

Outstanding among all, perfectly satisfactory

An exquisitely carved hotel located at Kuang Fu North Rd. and Pa De Rd., presented its brand-new style and features to warmly get in touch with you. The classicism garden is floating delicate fragrance in the wind. It is your sweetly inspirational rest place.

Staying at Taiwan to look the world, you could find Naples at Taipei Charming Hotel suspend your step---- --- Enjoy the elaborately delicious cuisines that Taipei Charming Hotel prepares for you. We solemnly launches Italian set meal on 1st of Aug Selective Italian set meal.

Considerable Charming Hotel Every visitors Classically elegant guest rooms Selective well-executed furniture and decorations Everywhere amassed considerations and comforts Providing master spare parts Let you relief from exhausted and adapt to sweetness peace.

  • Free 24 hours ADSL internet service, adequately enjoy the online amusement
  • One free Chinese or Weston style breakfast
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