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'Old School Ellis' - You're A Star (1980)

Steven's Directory - There is no such thing

If you get a call from 'Steven's Directory', and we get several each week so I'm sure you do too, they will insist on "confirming your complimentary listing".


All they are doing is confirming your information so they can onsell it to other Telemarketers as current, up to date, suckers.

All you need to do is to ask for a copy of the directory.

This annoys them no end.

They will tell you that their policy is not to send out copies but you can buy them in "every major bookstore".

Now, the first thing that's wrong with that is why would any non-spammer pay money for a directory? The second thing is that it isn't available in any bookstore. (The closest Amazon have is the Steven's Portsmouth Directory of 1887)

While on the line to the Steven's telemarketer I googled Steven's Directory and got no listing - odd for such a popular book. He told me it's published in Victoria (contradicting an earlier telemarketer who had said it was available in every state in Australia except Victoria) and I'd spelled it wrong. According to him it's 'Stevan's Directory'. That got even fewer google listings.

He then promised that, after he had finished confirming my details he would get customer care to call me back with a list of bookstores that carry the directory.

I asked him to put them on first so I could check out the directory before confirming my listing.

He hung up.