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Qantas - they want our money, but not our bags...


Can anyone help clarify this situation with Qantas.

You may have seen this story in the papers a few days ago:

Qantas will reduce domestic passengers’ baggage allowance by almost a third from Friday and will strictly enforce excess charges. The domestic baggage allowance is to be cut from 32kg to 23kg, with the excess rate at $10 per kg.
Premium class will be reduced by 2kg to 30kg.
Qantas customer product and services general manager Lesley Grant said the new allowances would align domestic and international services.
Except on services to the US, all checked baggage allowances will be based on weight
On international services, economy and premium economy passengers’ total allowance has been raised from 20kg to 23kg.
On a Perth to London flight, the excess charge will be $50 per kg, while Perth to Singapore or Hong Kong will be $35 per kg.
For US flights, a flat rate of $50 per piece is charged for any luggage more than 23kg.
The maximum baggage weight allowed will be 32kg.

Well it is Friday now, but on the Qantas website they still say:

Business: 3 pieces
Economy: 1 piece
Total dimensions of each piece must not exceed 140cm (54in)
Weight Allowance - 32kg (70lb) per piece
Silver or Gold Frequent Flyers - One extra piece
Platinum - Two extra pieces
So are they sticking to the piece system, which gives Sue-Anne and I up to 64kgs each, or are they switching to weight (23kg max plus 10kg extra for Frequent Flyers) which gives us each 33kgs?
If this is the case, then many magicians are going to have to either cut down their shows or charge clients excess baggage!
Or was the story an April Fool's joke?