FISM REPORT 2009 - Day two - Competition
FISM REPORT 2009 - Day two - Stage Gala #1

FISM REPORT 2009 - Day two - The incident

Sue-Anne will report on all of the contestants in today’s Close Up Competition, but there was one incident that was so unexpected it left the room literally in shock.


After a contestant did an act featuring a travel theme where he gave a list of the countries he wanted to visit (which included Taiwan) a Chinese registrant leapt up from the audience, raced back stage and literally dragged the contestant back on demanding that he apologise because “Taiwan is not a country!!!”


Some of the other Chinese in the audience (including some of the cameramen) cheered, but the rest of the room sat with jaws gaping... and in one moment the beautiful veil of happiness FISM Beijing had woven over the last few days was ripped aside.


To paraphrase  Eric Eswin in his opening speech “FISM is not a country, it’s a feeling.”


Politics has no place in a magic convention.