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Sue-Anne, Lee Cohen and I went out the other day to see the movie 'Adam' (see trailer above). It's about a guy with Asperger's Syndromre - the way he lives, the way he interacts with the world, and the way he tries to form a relationship.

I certainly related to a lot of the things Adam did, and the way he behaved, but according to Lee & Sue-Anne, I was more like Adam that I realised!

At first I was worried it was a bad thing, but I was reassured by both of them that it's fine. They've coped with my eccentricities for many, many years so far and pretty much gotten used to them.

But it was interesting just watching "my life" from the outside and seeing how weird I must appear to be to everyone else.

To be honest... if I'm that bad, I'm amazed I've come as far as I have!

Go see the movie though. It's funny, charming and will make you smile... and realise that some strangers are a little stranger than others...  ;)