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Kolisar sent in this for Magic Fakers, but it made me laugh so much I had to share it with you here.

He was given a deck of cards purchased in China. Click here to see them. 

For less than $8 you get a complete deck with a rip-off version of 'Hovercard' built in.

"Amazing float card hover card make our eyes nearly popped out."

Not only that, but take a look at the back design of these 'Bicycib' playing cards. According the the blurb they are "rider backs", but as they've replaced the bikes with little cars, perhaps they should be renamed "driver backs"

"Great choice and make for fun."

Bicycib Rider Back Poker Playing Cards 

  • Get your own deck of bicyclb playing cards, the brand that sets the standard
  • Guaranteed for quality, this is the preferred playing card at tables all over the country
  • New sealed deck of cards
  • These cards are slightly narrower than poker-sized cards
  • They are ideal for the serious Bridge players who prefer a geometric design rather than a 
  • distracting pictorial design
  • Standard size bicyclb playing cards, for all your card magic needs
  • It is easy to shuffle, deal, hold
  • This deck consists of 48 cards including 2 each of all cards from 9's to aces - 9 spot low
  • This deck is ideal for serious euchre players