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Ellis in Wonderland - E-Book (More feedback)

More great feedback from'The Magic Cafe' about our Ebook 'ELLIS IN WONDERLAND'

"I picked this up the other day, and was going to skim through it. 2 hours later..! 

My (condensed) opinion as follows: 

Material: Read Tim's post(!), and you will see there is a selection of material from strolling to stand up. 

Difficulty: There is nothing here on par with a centre deal or 4 coin edge grip. The work will be in the practice. Take the razor blade or bill to anywhere routine, not technically demanding, but both would require reasonable rehearsal time to ensure that they are the 'effortless' performance pieces that they deserve to be (and to hopefully adapt to your own style etc.). 

FASDIU?: Most of the items require set up / prep / a prop, but once that is done, are good to go for several or many performances. There is nothing here that asks you to go out and spend lots of money (phew!). 

Real world rating: Should I, as a part timer, pass comment on the work of a very experienced full time pro? Yes! Hey, it's only my opinion! Luckily, (to me)everything here is aimed at being practical & effective in the performance environment the effect has been designed for. 

Extras: The articles are funny, entertaining, and informative. Having just done a very tough strolling gig (much drinking, magician not expected), I was interested in Tim's thought on approach, and got me thinking about developing a couple of my own ideas. 

Value: Sorry, but I have to say 'excellent'. A rounded product that goes further than 'just' routines. 

Constructive cons: Well, at a push (what sort of review doesn't include constructive critique?!), I would have liked to have seen photos rather than drawings, for example in the instruction for the razor routine. The drawings I refer to are sufficient, and there are photos in the e-book. I would have also like to have seen a slightly larger font used, even at the expense of making the document a few pages larger. 

Pros: Apart from what I have described already, I also really liked that there are links to videos to see some of Tim's perfomances. The e-book is easy to follow, engaging, and in a logical format. 

Final thoughts: Deckstress is a hugely adaptable idea, the Shakespeare monte has helped inspire me with my own 'work in progress' in the hands monte, and.... 
To sum up, apart from being a good read, this e-book has / will help develop & inspire some of my own routines and thinking. Recommended, and very good value(when's 'Living next door to Ellis coming?).