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2010 - The Year In Review

2010 has been another magical year and we'd like to thank you for helping to make it so amazing!

We're going to take a look back at the year in review, starting with last week when Sue-Anne Webster premiered her brand new show INTERNATIONAL WOMAN OF MYSTERY!

"Excellent. Sue-Anne communicates extremely well to all levels of our employees. Her audience participation, in reality, involved everyone!" - Janine Hill, Cut & Fill.



In November Magic Unlimited revamped it's Artist Booking Website making it much easier to find the perfect performer for your next event. If you haven't checked it out yet - CLICK HERE 

Tim & Sue-Anne were also filmed for a new Documentary on the creation of the new Aspergion website. The site, and the documentary, will be available in a month or two, but you can get a preview if you CLICK HERE 



Sue-Anne received her second 'Best Actress' award at the Ignite Film Festival for the film 'Remember Me' - CLICK HERE to view it.


Tim was featured in 'The Magic Vault' where they said "He took those effects and made them his own and in turn is seen as a truly entertaining ORIGINAL performer." - CLICK HERE to read the full story.



Ellis & Webster premiered a new family show for the school holidays - Two Out Of A Hat.

Tim was featured in the international magic magazine 'M-U-M' in a three page spread.

The Melbourne Magic Festival was featured in the international magic magazine 'MAGIC' 

Sue-Anne had a series of articles on magic, plus a profile on her, published in The School Magazine

Tim recorded a segment for a top secret new TV series due on the ABC in early 2011.



Tim & Sue-Anne made The Melbourne Cup appear to celebrate it's 150th anniversary.


Aspycadabra was performed for the Design faculty at Swinburne as part of the Aspergion project.

The feature film 'Matching Jack' premiered in Australian cinemas, with the opening sequence being a magic show performed by Sue-Anne Webster.



The Melbourne Magic Festival, produced by Tim Ellis, appeared at The Northcote Town Hall with over 100 shows including 'Ellis & Webster Escape From Reality' and 'Illusionarium 2010'

Ellis & Webster appear on Hey Hey It's Saturday and Sunrise to help promote the Festival. CLICK HERE to watch the Hey Hey segment.



Tim Ellis travelled to Kuala Lumpur as special guest performer and judge at the Malaysian Magic Championships.

The Catchpenny Club TV series aired on Channel 31. Produced by Tim Ellis. CLICK HERE to watch a clip.

Tim Ellis appeared on the morning television show 'Sunrise' performing several effects.




Sue-Anne traveled throughout Europe meeting with our special guests for the 2011 Melbourne Magic Festival.

Tim performed in Newcastle for the 'Sounds of the Spectrum' Autism awareness fundraising event.



Tim and Sue-Anne toured the USA where they appeared as special guest performers and lecturers at the FFFF and MAWNY conventions in New York, and the CAMARADERIE convention in Canada. Tim created a special 4 part video for the FFFF guest of honour Obie O'Brien. 


Sue-Anne finally met Barbara Eden, who was stunned by Sue-Anne's uncanny resemblance to Jeannie.



Ellis & Webster flew to Hong Kong where they performed a 40 minute magic and illusion spot in the sold-out 'WOW Magic Show'.

Sue-Anne appeared in the Easter short film 'Remember Me'

Tim Ellis released a devilish new trick, 'Perplexity'. CLICK HERE to watch it, CLICK HERE to buy it.



Ridiculously busy for February with corporate gigs including a very appropriate show for Stihl to promote their chainsaws!



We started the year off with a brand new magic van - a Hyundai iLoad, a brand new online magic store - CLICK HERE.

Tim Ellis was featured in the new book 'Magic's Most Amazing Stories: A collection of incredible stories from World Famous Magicians'. CLICK HERE to buy it.



2011 is looking even busier already with Aspergion going live in March, guest appearances at the GeniiCon in April and IMX in Las Vegas in May. Plus projects online, on stage, in books, on TV, and in film all on the boil as well!