A trick a day - for a year
A trick a day - for a year

Dear Virgin...

Dear Virgin Mobile,

I am writing this here while I'm trying to get through to your "Customer Service" on my phone.

I tried to email this message to you via the cheery 'Help and Support' section on your website but when I click 'Send us an email' or 'Let us know your gripe', it asks me

"Are you already a Virgin Broadband or Virgin Mobile Customer?"

I click yes.

It asks me to click LOG IN

I click on the LOG IN button

It recognises me and displays my email address and asks me to click NEXT

It asks me

"Are you already a Virgin Broadband or Virgin Mobile Customer?"

I click yes.

It asks me to click LOG IN


and so it goes...

here's a tip Virgin Mobile - this is neither helping nor supporting me when I have a problem with your service. It's just making me angrier and making you look pretty disorganised.

And what is my problem?

I just want to set my iPhone to forward my calls.

The Call Forward feature on the iPhone in 'settings' doesn't work, apparently it has to be set through my carrier (Virgin).

I can't do that easily because the only references I can find on the web to call forwarding for Virgin are on forums where people are complaining that they can't get the call forward system working.

I called Virgin Customer Service and one of your staff explained how to do it - 





Simple, isn't it...

Only problem is, it doesn't work.

(I asked him where that information is on the website. He said there is supposed to be a link on this page, there isn't. He doesn't know why, but he's putting a request in to Virgin IT to fix it.)

So, he manually forwarded my calls from his end and tested it and it seemed to work, and I asked him how I can turn the forwarding off. He told me I'd have to call Customer Service again and have them do it.

I said that wouldn't work for me and I asked him to turn the Call Forward off and I'll sort something else out.

Here's my latest problem.

He didn't.

All calls to my iPhone are being forwarded to my office.

So far, I'm into my third hour trying to do something that should take less than 30 seconds.

So Virgin Mobile, if you read this message please call me on 03 9486 4445 and, if it's busy, please try again later. I'm probably still on hold to your Customer Service department.