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The spirit has left me

Just when i think i have air travel sorted, qantas change the rules again:

1- print my boarding pass at home before I leave to save time

2- weigh my case to make sure my 60 minute stage show, costumes and 10 days of clothes are under 23kgs. Yes: 22.1kg

3- arrive at Melbourne airport and discover Qantas has done away with check in counters altogether. Now there are dozens of terminals scattered throughout the concourse with groups of people milling around them hoping for one to become available
4- printing my boarding pass at home was pointless. I have to visit the machine, that prints out boarding passes, to print out my luggage tag
5- I now have to weigh my bag, and discover that somehow, since leaving home, it's put on weight and is now 25.1kg
6- I go to the bag drop machine and scan my boarding pass, put my bag on the scale and it says it's overweight by 2kg and I must pay $10 per extra kg - or repack
7- I repack and take a 2nd box of DVDs out. My bag now weighs 24.1kgs...
8- the bag drop machine prints an invoice for me to pay $10 at the sales desk
9- I go to the other end of the terminal and line up. Despite there being only 1 other person ahead of me, I'm in line 20 mins
10- I pay my bill and the lady says I should have just sent my bag down the bag drop anyway. (?!)
11- I go back to the bag drop machine and my bag now weighs 23.8kgs and mo excess payment is due!!!!!!
12- I fight the urge to punch the machine as I watch my bag zoom off down the chute
13- I now join the longest, windowed line ever (think of the 2 hour line to go on the Rock'n'Roller Coaster at Universal Studios... But without the pay off) just to get through security.

Qantas, the spirit of Australia, has managed to break my spirit. You're saving money with fewer staff and making money on every extra kg that they used to let slip through as a courtesy... But will the end result be that people just won't want to travel with you anymore?

As one man in front if me said while tagging and weighing his bags: "when do I get to fly the plane? I've done everything else myself now."