A trick a day for a year
A trick a day for a year

A trick a day for a year



'141 Magic Tricks' by Sherman Ripley (Page 79)

There are a LOT of great books that teach a basic billiard ball routine. 

And many more that teach extremely advanced moves; Maurice Rooklyn's 'Spherical Sorcery' is excellent.

However, if you want to get started with a straightforward, effective routine that will help you decide whether billiard balls are for you, this is a very comprehensive start.

It covers what kind of balls to use, how to palm, various passes, the finger throw, change overs, vanishes with and witrhout gimmicks, tables, clothings, accessories, colour changes, penetrations, multiplactions, diminishes and even the polychromatic ball.

Great value in such a tiny, inexpensive book.