A trick a day for a year

A trick a day for a year



'141 Magic Tricks' by Sherman Ripley (Page 29)

The problem with this trick is that the method has been totally over-exposed. Even yesterday, just chatting with some folk, one mentioned she tried to learn some magic once then promptly discussed the method used for the vanishing silk in front of the assembled gathering. Even more weirdly, everyone seemed to be aware of the method, from their own experiences, but all added they appreciate when it's "well done".

Well let's hit the books and go old school. 

Go back to this tried and true method of vanishing a silk and you can end completely clean and leave them totally baffled. Plus, you can use a decent size silk, not a "mouse's hanky" variety.

Of course, some will still say they know how it's done but you "did it well"... but with some clever choreography, you can let them hold your wrists and examine your hands thoroughly as soon as the silk has vanished.

You can also ruin their understanding of the vanishing cigarette this way too.