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The Number One Reason To Buy A Peugeot


This used to be Sue-Anne's car. Well, it was until yesterday when a driver hit her in one of those accidents your Mum always warns you about. You know the ones, "Be careful driving because there's a lot of idiots out there on the road who don't look where they're going!"

Well Sue-Anne was driving along a main street when someone drove through a give way sign straight into the cross traffic and straight into Sue-Anne. He couldn't have hit her more squarely if he was aiming for her.

The Peugeot's safety features, which you always wonder whether you really need or not, came into play in an instant. The reinforcements in the door absorbed most of the impact, the driver side airbag deployed, the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System), EBFD (Electronic Brake Force Distribution), ASR (Traction Control) and ESP (Dynamic Stability Control) all kicked in brought the car to a smooth stop.

Image_00197_1Paramedics, police, firemen and a council worker (who arrived first on the scene and has seen loads of accidents) were all amazed and, given the speed of the car that drove into her, said if she hadn't been in this new Peugeot with a superb safety rating she would have been lucky to survive.

We're very, very happy that Sue-Anne is still with us after that impact. She thanked God for her life (and thanked her Dad who was the motivation behind buying the car and so had sentimental value and protection every time she drove it). But what now?

The car was insured at market value, which means the insurers won't replace the car (I'm told it's a write-off) but they'll give us a cheque for what it's worth as a used car, we'll have to make up the difference in cost (which could be $20,000 to $30,000). Regardless, there won't be any more 307cc Sports in Australia until next May...

What happens to the man who sped through a give way sign in his 1991 Camry and caused all this damage? His insurers will sort out his car repairs, and he'll get a ticket for not slowing down at a give way sign....