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Timing is everything

Eddie_guerrero The thing about Eddie's death that keeps coming back to me over and over is the timing of it all.

He was found dead the morning of one amazing day:

1 - Rumour has it that he was going to win the title that night in his triple threat match to take the pressure off the injured Batista.

2 - Because it was a rare RAW/SMACKDOWN "Supershow", every member of the roster was there in the one place. If he'd died a few days later they would have been all over the globe on the European tour. If he'd died a few days earlier RAW would be in one town and SMACKDOWN on the road to another.

3 - He died the very morning of the taping of both shows, so the emotion and impact of the tributes recorded by his friends and colleagues was extremely powerful.

4 - His character had just finished going through some ridiculous storylines where he was fighting Rey Mysterio for his son Dominik, and was in the middle of a storyline with Batista where he was constantly demonstrating he was a changed man, a good friend to Batista, and someone worthy of trusting. How much better to be remembered like that, than the "insane father" role of a month or so ago.

As HBK said in his tribute to Eddie, Eddie did something never before achieved in the Wrestling business. He had the entire roster, from the top man to the bottom guy, gathered together in prayer in the name of Jesus.

We all miss Eddie and wish he didn't have to leave us, but what an incredible work of perfect timing by God to take him when at the peak of his career, at a moment in time when everyone in WWE (the fans included) would be truly impacted by his passing. As so many superstars said, his life was a witness to his faith. His death was his most powerful testimony.

Passing of a legend

Eddie Shocking news for WWE fans just to hand. Eddie Guerrero was found dead in his hotel room just a few hours ago. He was 38. Eddie is survived by his wife Vickie and daughters Shaul, 14, Sherilyn, 9, and Kaylie Marie, 3.

There is no cause to suspect foul play, but the cause of his death should be known shortly.

To read about Eddie's career, check out this tribute page at WWE.com.

(Thanks to Hardik Patel for letting me know about this)

Hulk who?

As I was doing my weekly rounds of $2 Shops, looking for new props and ideas for tricks, I came across a rack of WWE T-Shirts. Now I use the letters 'WWE' very loosely here as, at $5.95, they are certainly not going to be the "genuine article". But what caught my attention the most was this T-Shirt:


Obviously Hollywood Hulk Hogan needs to lift his profile a bit more... and of all people to confuse him with! Maybe it's just a subtle plea from some "sweat shop" worker for their ultimate dream match...? Regardless, what made the shirt even more odd is the picture in the upper left corner. It's supposed to be a wrestling shirt for goodness sake, so who are these guys???


WWE blurs the line

In one of the most controversial actions ever pulled on WWE Vince McMahon has fired long time announcer Jim 'JR' Ross. Now, in the world of wrestling, this was presented as what we call a 'work', a part of the scripted storyline. It was all acted out in the ring complete with the public humiliation of Ross by the McMahon family. Nothing new there. Stone Cold Steve Austin will likely come to JR's defense and force Vince to rehire JR. Maybe Vince's son Shane, absent from the firing ceremony, will turn against his father and bring JR back. There are many ways this storyline can go. So why all the fuss?

All of the internet wrestling sites are buzzing that this is not a work. It's a real life firing, and it was carried out like a work simply to humiliate long term employee Jim Ross. Why? Well they have heard that Vince has been looking for a new guy to replace JR for some time now, possibly UFC's announcer Mike Goldberg, so it must be real.

Here's the catch. Jim Ross has been with the WWE for over 20 years. There is no way he is going to be dismissed from the company for real in such a humiliating way. Maybe, just maybe, the WWE has caught on to the fact that the internet wrestling community pride themselves on having "inside" information and just maybe, the WWE are using that to their advantage; spreading rumours about JR's potential firing way in advance of the angle to make it look so much more "real". Hey, as a magician, that's the way I'd do it.

If that's the case, and I'm pretty sure it is, WWE has succeeded this time. Long time wrestling fans are up in arms over this firing, expressing their hatred for Vince McMahon in numerous columns.

In a way, it's a little like the reaction I'm hearing from local magicians to Criss Angel's special. They dislike him because he must have "cheated" and "used camera tricks". Why? Because he fooled them. They don't know how he did his tricks so he must have been cheating.

The WWE fans can't accept that this JR firing is an angle, so McMahon must have really fired Jim Ross. McMahon fooled them into hating him.

You may need to adjust the angles nowdays, but the old smoke and mirrors still works.

Wrestlemania - I was there!

Well, here's another TV appearance I can add to my resume: Wrestlemania 21 at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles! *g*

Check it out - here's the Hulkster looking into the crowd... who is he looking at?

Image_00499_3 Can you see me???

Image_00497_1 Let me zoom in a little for you... I'm right after the big 'A' in a brown t-shirt...


Scott Robinson!

Scott Robinson. There's a name I won't forget! Scott has known that I'm a WWE fan for years and when we caught up together in April at the FFFF convention, he had a very special surprise in store for me.

Image_00479_1Scott's brother Charles Robinson just happens to be a referee on the WWE Smackdown show, and over the last few months or so he'd had over 30 WWE Superstars sign an official Smackdown T-Shirt. This is what Scott had arranged and, as I unfolded it after he handed it to me at FFFF, I stood gobsmacked... stone cold stunned into submission... no idea of what to say or how to react! Except THANKYOU!!!

This shirt has just been framed today and we're clearing a spot for it as I type.

As you can see in the picture, the shirt is literally covered in signatures. There are four I still haven't been able to decipher yet, but here's a list of those signatures I can read:

  • Torrie Wilson
  • Kurt Angle
  • Bubba Ray Dudley
  • D'Von Dudley
  • Rico
  • Eddie Guerrero
  • Dawn Marie
  • JBL
  • Doug Basham
  • Danny Basham
  • Paul London
  • Rey Mysterio
  • Scotty 2 Hotty
  • Stephanie McMahon
  • Johnny 'The Bull' Stamboli
  • Billy Kidman
  • Nick Patrick
  • Undertaker
  • Funaki
  • Bill de Mott
  • Booker T
  • Hardcore Holly
  • Brian Hebner
  • Theodore Long
  • Charlie Haas
  • Michael Cole
  • Charles Robinson

Once again thankyou to Charles and all the Superstars 4f_7for signing the shirt, and a special THANKYOU to Scott Robinson for organising it all. (It was the best early birthday present ever!)