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The Eyes Have It - Answers

Did you eye-dentify everyone correctly? Here are the owners of those mysterious peeper:

GROUP ONE, from top to bottom:

Left column:

Glenn Hamilton, Don Jones, Mark Mayer, Peter Cook, Charles Gauci, Oscar Grouch, Nigel Anderson.

Right column:

James Galea, David Wright, David Jones, Lawrence Leung, John Taylor, Kent Blackmore, Ricki Ozimo, Sam Powers.

GROUP TWO, from top to bottom.

Left Column:

Matt Hollywood, Michael Sullivan, Melissa McCullagh, Michael Boyd, Phil Cass, Harry Houdidn't, Timothy Hyde.

Right Column:

Lyndsay Rietschel, Kikkii the Klown, Sean Taylor, Barry Govan, Tony Laffan, Anthony DeMasi, Joel Howlett.

(Anthony DeMasi got all but three right. He failed to identify Lynday Rietschel, Kikki the Klown, and himself! - How did you do?)

Aus Magic Trivia - Answers

  1. The Australian Society of Magicians (ASM) is the fourth oldest Magic Society still in existence. When was it founded and where?

The ASM was founded in Sydney on January 15, 1907. It was born from a number of magicians who used to meet in a room on the premises of Sir Joynton Smith. The presence of a number of prominent magicians performing in Sydney at that time (Carter The Great, Carlton, Allen Shaw, Lorenzy, Charles Breton, and Svengalis) inspired them to form an official club. The key foundation members were Ernest Hosking, Dr Howard Irving, and Felix Booth.

  1. What was it's original name?

The Society of Australian Magicians. They changed the name later in 1907 when it was realized that the initials SAM may be confused with the Society of American Magicians.

  1. Name the three Magic Societies that are older?

The Society of American Magicians was formed on April 26, 1902 and made official on May 10, 1902. The British Magical Society was formed in 1905, and The Magic Circle was formed six months later.

  1. There were nine ASM Clubs formed, though only two still operate today. Name all nine and their formation dates.

ASM 1 – Melbourne, October 7, 1920

ASM 2 – Adelaide, (began April 23, 1920 as the Adelaide Society of Magicians, then became an ASM branch in early 1921

ASM 3 – Mt Gambier, July 1952

ASM 4 – Brisbane, April 1953

ASM 5 – Pt Pirie, January 1954

ASM 6 – Ballarat, April 1959

ASM 7 – Launceston, May 1962

ASM 8 – Hobart, November 1960

ASM 9 – Ararat, started in 1975 by Barry Govan and ended when he moved from Ararat in 1979

ASM 10 - Perth

The original Sydney ASM (January 15, 1907) evaporated in 1923 when an officer of the club embezzled all of it’s funds. It was reformed in 1927, but then “went into recess” shortly after that.

  1. 1n 1952, who was recognised as the ASM's 100th member?

Frank Harris, in Melbourne.

  1. When was The Magic Circle of Victoria formed?

October 10, 1938 at the Malvern home of Mr King. Joining him were Mr Day, Mr A Ewen (Secretary), Mr D W Glen (Pres), Mr K Sparkes, and Mr B Tomlinson (Treasurer).

  1. When and where was the first Australian Magic Convention held?

October 18, 1952 in Melbourne. Over one hundred magicians attended including Les Levante.

  1. What was the name of Tim Ellis' first magic teaching video?

Cunning Stunts. It was a limited edition of only 50 copies.

  1. Who was featured on the cover of the Genii Magazine 'Special Australian Issue'?

Ian Baxter and Barry Govan, the editors of ‘Blueprint Magazine’. Volume 52, No 9. March 1989. The issue featured contributions from Barry Govan, Ian Baxter, Tim Ellis, Ben Harris, Doug Tremlett, Graham Etherington, Andrew Gill, Ray Crowe and Bill Helyer.

  1. When did Dai Vernon visit Australia and why?

1980. He attended the 17th Australian Convention of Magicians as a special guest and gave an unforgettable midnight lecture.

  1. In what year did Percy Abbott start his magic manufacturing business in Colon, Michigan?

In 1933 he gave up performing and began the company that, within the next two decades, established itself as the largest mail order magic business in America.

  1. How many different Australian magic publications did J Albert Briggs edit?

After emigrating to Australia, he joined the Australian Society of Magicians, and assumed the editorship of The Magic Mirror from H. F. Cohen in Sept., 1921 with Vol. 5 # 8. There was apparently some dissension in the Society, so The Magic Mirror ceased publication with Vol. 5 # 11, dated Dec. 1921. In Jan. 1922 Briggs started The Conjurer as an independent publication which ran for 24 issues and stopped in June, 1924. Next was Magic in Australia, which for only four issues from Aug. 1924 to July, 1925. He then revived The Conjurer in September, 1925 which lasted five issues, and stopped in January, 1927. Briggs announced his intention of publishing Australian Magic News in February 8, 1927. Whether it ever materialised is unknown. In 1932 he published Stage Magic for five issues until he restarted The Conjurer in January, 1934. This time, he actually published it monthly for 24 issues, then announced it would become a quarterly. This ended in January, 1939.

  1. What was the name of the magic magazine published by Queensland magician Andini?

‘The Magazine With No Name’

  1. Name the three Australian Magicians who've won awards at FISM?

Maurice Rooklyn (First Prize ‘Manipulation’ 1958), Sam Angelico (First Prize ‘Comedy Magic’ 1985), Tim Ellis (Special Prize of The Jury 1991, Second Prize ‘Close Up Magic’ 1994).

  1. Name the winners of the following competitions at the 1980 Melbourne Magic Convention:

Best Stage Act, Ross Skiffington

Best Close Up Act, Loris Purcell

Favourite Trick, Ross Skiffington

Best Comedy Act, Ross Skiffington

Best Cabaret Act, Ross Skiffington

Best Teenage Magician, Tim Ellis

Champion Magician of Australia, Loris Purcell

  1. In 1980, who did Gerald Taylor sell his magic shop too?

Gerald Taylor sold Aladdin’s Magic Shop (Embank Arcade, Elizabeth St) Melbourne to Card Mondor. Card later sold it to Tasmanian John Williams who operated it as a mail-order business.

  1. Who performed an escape in the Yarra River to promote a Melbourne Magic Convention?

Mike Wilton escaped from a steel cage lowered into the Yarra. The cage belonged to Brian Thompson.

  1. Name the nine magicians who starred in 'The Ultimate Magic Show' at The Palais Theatre on Halloween, 1986.

Sam Agelico, Doug Tremlett, Terry Dansic, Tim Ellis, Ricki Ozimo, Duck Cameron, Harry Houdidn’t, Super Hubert, and Ray Crowe.

  1. What was the real name of Will Alma?

Oswald George William Bishop. He legally changed it to Will Alma in 1949.

  1. Who is the only Australian magician to be presented The Merlin Award for 'Illusionist of The Year' by The International Magic Society?

Tony Laffan in October, 2002.

  1. Match the following Australian magicians with their places of birth:

Barry Govan, Ballarat

Gerald Taylor, Brisbane

Jean Hugard, Toowomba

Peter Reveen, Adelaide

Percy Abbott, Sydney

Charles Waller, Benalla

Graham Etherington, Ealing (UK)

Murray, Melbourne

Ben Harris, Sydney

Allan Carmichael, Sydney

Gerry McCreanor, Adelaide