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Performances from Ellis & Webster

At some of the most exclusive parties and high-powered corporate events in Australia, Ellis & Webster can be found using their magic to enhance the evening and creating an experience the guests will talk about forever.

"Man, you rocked the house!" - David Copperfield

They offer a 40 minute stage show for larger audiences, filled with comedy, audience participation, and illusion. The magic is mind-blowing and the comedy side-splitting, a combination that never fails to bring the house down.

For smaller audiences they offer a more intimate, informal version of the show. Performed either standing, or seated at a table, guests experience the magic so close the effect is profound. Their senses are literally overloaded leaving their minds in a state of luxurious bliss.

For more information about Ellis & Webster's performances, or to arrange one for your group, call (03) 9486 4445 or take a look at the following links:

Strolling Magic by Tim Ellis

Strolling Magic by Sue-Anne Webster

Tim's Cabaret Show

Sue-Anne's Cabaret Show

Ellis & Webster's Grand Illusions

Sue-Anne Webster as 'Jeannie'


Other Magic Unlimited Performers

Client Feedback

"I would like to thank Tim and Sue-Anne for their time and the extra personal service they provided to our function.  Everybody commented on how fantastic they were and I will definitely be recommending them to our organization for future entertainment at functions. Marvellous, entertaining and captivating."

- Natalie Coles, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Amazing – vibrant, quick and funny – he worked superbly with the audience.  Exactly what we wanted."

- Sam Corbett, Melbourne Business School

"The Night of Illusion. Well that just, in your words, "blew me away", along with everyone else there. They were incredible! I've never heard people raving about an act so much. I know what they did was really magic, no tricks involved. Let's give them 200%"

- Christina Pickersgill, Australian Friendly Societies Association 

"We are curious to know how you chose Fred to come up on stage. He played his part well and you had tears rolling down cheeks with your performance. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

- Marie Peevers, OMEP Organising Committee


"Their bubbling high energy was irresistible and their magic was delightful. A highlight was the performance, explanation, and repeat performance of Tim's creative Cups and Ball routine. This is a strong lesson in exploiting a theme to solve challenges within a routine."

"Each year the attendees (of FFFF) vote for the convention's MVP, the person who has contributed the most to making the event a success. This year was unusual in that the award went to a team: Tim Ellis and Sue-Anne Webster. A well-earned reward for their boundless enthusiasm and talent."

- Robin Dawes, Linking Ring Magazine


"Tim Ellis is one of the most versatile thinkers in magic." "Your lecture notes were among the BEST I've ever read."

- Jeff Hobson

Gourmetcloseup_1 "On several occasions I have seen Tim Ellis bring an audience to complete pandemonium. He is an exceptional comedy magician and I love his work."

- Eugene Berger

Teller_1 "I'm delighted to count Tim Ellis among my friends. He generously nurtures all sorts of magic and has the mind of an evil elf."

- Teller