Magic in the news
Happy whatever!


The other night we did a show at the new RACV Club in the city and one guest swore that he saw me in the paper earlier this week. I tried to explain it was Cosentino, but he insisted it was me in the shots holding the rabbit.

I guess I can't blame him for getting the two of us confused though. When you really compare, there are some similarities:



The other good thing that happened that night (apart from being mistaken for Cos) was the discovery of what has to be the world's BEST ice-cream! If you are not a member of the RACV Club it's worth joining just to taste this delicious hand-made dessert! The head chef (who's name sounded something like Mossimo.. I'm not sure, he's Belgian) has come up with the most melt-in-your-mouth gourmet ice-cream (which one guest said was healthy too.. *g*). After the show I tried EVERY flavour and, despite my reputation as a sugar-freak, I have gone off ice-cream from the last year or so but this was sooooooo good I'm back on board. Not any old frozen cream though, I'll only indulge at the RACV Club from now on. (I hope they serve it in their bistro!) Take a tip from one of the guests, she told me the best combination was pistachio with vanilla sauce, she was right!