To DVD or not DVD?
Happy Birthday!

Back from a long weekend

Well we are finally back from a loooong weekend in Perth (though a very enjoyable one, more about this in the next few post!) and I see the comments section has been buzzing. It's great to see people actively discussing the posts and sharing their opinions. Nice to see Kamal & Dean, The Magic Store boys, spending the weekend with us too.

The DVD issue is a particularly "hairy" topic and I know there are a lot of other issues here yet to be brought up so, as it moves further down the list of posts don't forget about it, keep thinking and talking.

As far as the 'Black Deck' by Magic Makers Inc goes, everyone seems to realise that it is a blatant attempt at cashing in on the success of Ellusionists negative decks. Dean may be right in saying that 1: It is a "different enough" design from what Ellusionist have done and 2: It will sell well. But in such a small community as ours, does that make it right? Magic Makers Inc did exactly the same with their Colouring Book. The design was "different enough" from the popular Fun Inc book, but also close enough to cash in on it's success. I have spoken to Ellusionist about this deck and they said they weren't a bit surprised that it came out given Magic Makers Inc reputation. However they were quick to point out that their cards are "top-quality stock and finish" whereas the new 'Black Deck' is "regular-quality stock and finish" so they are confident that buyers will drift towards the better quality cards when choosing a 'negative image deck'.

Also, for Australian readers who like to get out and see shows... FREE, we'd like to let you know about a new website at where they'll give you free tickets to shows that need an audience when they are just starting out. The only condition is that they want you to spread word of mouth about the show after you've seen it. Check it out, it's a genuine service with no hidden catches and the price is definitely right!