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Another Blog Milestone

We're very happy to announce we have just passed the 40,000 hits mark! That means we've had 40,000 visits since our first post on May 18 last year. It looks like our ramblings are sustaining your interest so it's time to start telling your friends about us. Feel free to send out our link to all your friends and we'll work extra hard to keep posting a variety of posts daily (on average at least... well this is our 413th post so we're still ahead of the game!

Tricky Telemarketers!

As the government debates whether or not to introduce the 'Do Not Call' list so people can sign up and never get calls from telemarketers,the telemarleters have already found a way around it! I got a call on my mobile today, it only rang once then cut out. I checked on my phone and didn't recognise the number so I called back.

Guess what... I called a telemarketer! At least a recording of one anyway (apparently I'd won a prize!). How sneaky is that?! Technically, they don't call you because their computer that dials you only stays on the line long enough to leave a 'missed call' message. You end up calling them (at your expenses!) and they don't even have to hire any Indians to speak on the phone because you're only listening to a recording on their computer!

Takes all the fun out of it.

David Blaine's Latest Show

Word is that David Blaine's new TV special will air on my birthday (May 8) in the USA. (Thanks David!) It's called DAVID BLAINE DROWNED ALIVE and will feature Mr Blaine living underwater in a fish tank for a week (yes, very similar to something Criss Angel did a few years back).

David Blaine, known for his headline-making feats of physical, emotional and mental endurance, will once again put his life on the line in a death-defying attempt to hold his breath underwater longer than any human being, which is currently a stunning eight minutes, 58 seconds. He will undertake this latest challenge after living with a life support system in a specially built human aquarium – an eight-foot acrylic sphere – for seven days and nights, in full public view in front of New York´s Lincoln Center. Viewers will hold their collective breath during the heart-stopping finale of the broadcast when Blaine will put himself to the ultimate test - live - on a new, two-hour ABC primetime special, DAVID BLAINE: DROWNED ALIVE, Monday, May 8 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

You can read more at Escamoteurettes

More Engrish

Yep, I went strolling through some of those extremely dodgy shops again today as I scoured the countryside looking for devices and accessories to complete some illusions we're working on. Here are some more of those great items where the quality of the workmanship is foretold by the quality of the grammar:


This is the HARRY MAGIC GUN II. I'm not sure who 'Harry Magic' is or what happened to his first gun, but this one has a "Magic Revolving Annulus". (Annunulus - A ring shaped area or structure, such as growth rings on the scale of a fish). It also makes the claim "Try me! Start magic life!"


So all those people who keeping asking "How can I become a magician?"... get Harry Magic Gun II.


I like this chicken...


'Peripatetic' apparently means 'wandering', so this Peripatetic Dog is correctly named. (Though it sounds more like 'Very Pathetic Dog'.) I'm pretty confused by the expression "We'll slip away the dog together", though it was the most grammatically correct sentence on the entire package though!


I did lick this bathmat and I agree, it was quite a fresh taste. Full funny!


I'm not quite sure what this one means


but with the offer of "infinite pleasure" this is the toy that I'd choose!