George Sands
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Spam, spam, spam!

We use our fax line as our internet line here and, strangely enough, EVERY TIME we disconnect from the net we receive mysterious JUNK FAXES!

Now some come from DELL offering us the latest in computers. I have no idea how to stop these but at least we only get them every few weeks. Not so with GETAWAYS DOWNUNDER. This obnoxious tourism operator sends us junk faxes ALMOST EVERY DAY. Sounds like I'm angry? YOU BET I AM!

They offer an email address if "you no longer wish to receive these special offers" - . I did the polite thing and emailed 'REMOVE' to them. The faxes kept coming. I phoned their 1300 856 822 removal number. Not only did the faxes keep coming, I'm now getting them from VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE as well... and they offer a removal number too. I wonder who else will start spamming me if I call that number.

As far as I'm concerned the next number I'm calling is the Telecommunications Ombudsman. I really don't want to have to disconnect my fax line simply because these jerks want to let me know about their "incredible one day sale" offers on weekend getaways to Daylesford.

If you share my feelings about spammers, feel free to visit their website at and let them know exactly how you'd like them to "get away".