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A night of magic

Harold Webster

Harold Webster passed away at 12.30am this morning.

He had been very ill for many years and had been hospitalised for quite a few weeks. When Sue-Anne, Enzo and I visited him two weeks ago he knew he didn't have long to go and, despite breathing oxygen, he was still in good spirits telling stories about his adventures in magic and how to sell Slurpexes. We hoped that we might cheer him up a little but we left the hospital uplifted by seeing him.

Harold has had a long career in entertainment. He was a butcher, a spruiker, a magic dealer and the host of the Cadbury Magic Show. He was big, loud, gruff and very entertaining.

I lost touch with him for a while but was very pleased to see him when he attended the Flicking Fingers Weekend a few years back. I was told that the magic had an almost rejuvenating effect on him. The same thing happened when he attended the convention in 2004. He was told he was too sick but his love of magic and the support of his friends meant he was there for the whole convention and he absolutely loved it.

We'll miss you Harold!