Harold Webster

Magic Fakers - Your comments are requested

Your opinions are needed.

I have been chatting with a colleague about the ethical dilemma that Magic Dealers face everyday.

"We here are bombarded daily for solicitations to carry items that are of questionable origin , we refuse! How long can a dealer last that stands by and watches as his business slowly dwindles away?"

He posed the following three hypothetical questions and we'd both love to know your opinions and thoughts on these issues -

1 . ) What is the recourse for the dealer that can't get enough stock (if any) from the original inventor of an item , but his competitors that have no store front ( they are on the INTERNET only) are selling imitations by the 1000's?

2 . ) What is the recourse of a dealer who can't sell the higher quality items to customers because suppliers are now selling to dealers that are operating from their dinning room table?

3 . ) How does a dealer refuse a supplier that is letting him name his own price for the retail items in question?