FISM - Tuesday
FISM - Wednesday

Good morning.....

Just a quick morning update as it's 7am and time to get moving again.... last night the heating in the hotel room kept going up degree after degree until I just couldn't take it anymore, so I made several trips between floors moving all of our stuff to the new room at around 2.30am. Even though this room is only 22 degrees it's much cooler and we actually got some sleep... though Sue-Anne just mentioned the heating in this room is now 24 degrees... I'm starting to freak out!

Oh, Joshua Jay mentioned to me that he noticed two trends in the close up competition with a large proportion of acts performing to music, while a lot of others did routines with a gambling theme. Let's see if this trend continues today.

I did notice a trend in the stage competition too. A lot of the acts have opened with voice over introductions: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome...." There's no possible way that people are copying each other, but it's fascinating how so many magicians seem to think along the same lines.