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Sue-Anne's FISM 2006 Competition Report

Travel Traumas

Big congratulations to security in the UK for foiling the plot to blow up eleven UK to USA flights next week. It’s impossible to imagine what goes on in the minds of terrorists who wake up each morning thinking of new and different ways to kill people just to send their political messages, but we really need to make a stand against these mass murderers.

Here in the UK hand luggage on planes has been temporarily banned until things get back to normal, but we just heard that Australia has decided to ban all hand luggage permanently! Is that a security decision or, as they would have to employ more staff to thoroughly check all hand luggage for liquids, simply a cost-cutting exercise. Only a few days ago I was joking about traveling to the USA next year wearing only a hospital gown and paper slippers… but if Qantas had it’s way maybe that will be the reality in the very near future.