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We're up to speed!

We finally got wireless broadband with ADSL2+.  Yay!

Of course, nothing electronic comes easily to me... when the modem arrived two weeks ago I couldn't get it to work. Tech support at TPG finally said it was because Telstra hadn't given them the codes for this area (Northcote).

A few days later we were up and running, but we got really dodgy wireless reception. TPG Tech support kept telling me they didn't support the wireless aspect of the modem they sold me, and I should call Netcomm Tech Support (Netcomm charge $50 for Tech Support, so I was unkeen to do that). Eventually, after four hours of TPG Tech Support, I figured out the modem had a faulty antenna connection.

I sent the modem back to TPG (at my expense, they were very clear about that!) and they assured me it would be sent back within 24 hours because I lived in a metropolitan area.

Two weeks later and the modem was finally leaving Sydney and heading down to me via Australian Air Express. Six days later (today) I finally got it!

We're hooked up and enjoying fast access, Sue-Anne has a new laptop as well, we have a VOIP phone and the fax all hooked up through the broadband.

The only drawback is that our faxline, which was also our dial-up line and therefore virtually always engaged, is now free... You might recall my post about GETAWAYS DOWNUNDER in May last year. Well now they are sending spam faxes left, right and centre! Within two hours of our fax line being free! Plus we're getting spam faxes from their mates. Just like I did a year ago, I called their 'fax removal phone number' where the nice man says I should simply leave my phone number and area code and he'll remove me from the list (yeah, right!) but here's the latest scam... his voice mail box is full.. "please call again at another time."

Spam faxes .... Grrrrr...

ADSL2+ ... Yay!!!!

Hobson's at it again!


Jeff Hobson has a new venture ready to take off:

"I am launching a new web site with Loren Christopher Michaels called The Lecture Network. It will be pretty amazing. I will host weekly magic lectures - These are Live, Interactive internet broadcasts where the viewers can ask questions of the lecturers and people I interview in real-time. The site will also have magic chats with magic's greats, magic news from around the world, and a lot more but too much to go into now.

If you have a moment, we need suggestions from all magician's of who they'd like to see lecture or interviewed on the site so we can plan our schedule."

You can take a look at it here and let him know who you'd like to see lecturing!

1 vs 100


Channel Nine's new show '1 vs 100' has just ended... is it going to be "the next big thing" for the network? In my opinion.. no.
The show looks good, very slick, the set is amazing... and Eddie standing up and walking around is turning into Daryl Somers... but the questions are just too easy.
Home viewers enjoyed 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' because they really felt good when they got a question right. The only pleasure they can get on '1 vs 100' is seeing how many of "the mob" got the question wrong... it's all very negative.
Eddie was also surprisingly negative with his comments about the mob too, referring to the scientists as looking like "frankensteins", and telling someone to "stop clapping like that or I'll throw you a fish". Even the contestant we were supposed to be sympathetic too (he was an orphan with a wife with M.S.) joined in and said about the mob "Well I've got rid of the rabble and the ones left look semi-intelligent".
Finally, when the contestant decided to take the money instead of playing on, it was all fairly anti-climactic. Sure, he won the money, but everyone else lost and got nothing for their efforts.
I think Eddie has a lot of fine-tuning to do on this show, or else he'd better dust off the "Millionaire" set.
Did you watch it? What did you think?
The other big issue Eddie (as CEO of Nine) needs to address is buying his network a watch.

Good news for couch potatoes!

It's TV ratings time again! And we're certainly going to feel it tomorrow... after a month or two of watching 'Whose Line Is It Anyway' and 'The Daily Show' on Foxtel while the networks show whatever they want whenever they want... almost all of our favourites come back this week.

MONDAY - What will possibly be the highest rating show of the year 'Ocean's Deadliest' hits Channel Nine as millions of Australians will tune in to see Steve Irwin's last great adventure and (hope Channel NIne) they'll stick around to see the debut of Eddie McGuire's new quiz show '1 vs 100'.

TUESDAY - Jack's Back! Yes the new series of '24' begins on Seven with a big two hour episode, this is followed by another two hour serve on Thursday... will four hours a week be too much Jack? Will Thursday week see the return of 'Lost' instead? (I hope so!).

WEDNESDAY - Channel Seven holds all the cards again with the debut of the new series 'Heroes' (Matt Unwin assures me this is well worth watching) and the return of 'Prison Break'.


Also on Thursday at 10pm on SBS, the debut of a UK TV show called 'Sick Tricks' which promises a "new slant" on the magicians art....

10:00 pm SICK TRICKS
This new four-part comedy series places an unusual spin on a magic show and presents stylish and gruesome tricks. Magician Barry Jones and Stuart McLeod play reoccurring gags in all four episodes. In tonight's episode, a magician asks people in an English city street if they want to adopt a starving African orphan, then conjures up a little African boy right there on the footpath. Another magician unlocks a car door from the outside by putting his arm through the closed window and the magicians play a nasty trick in the supermarket. (From the UK, in English) (Comedy Series) (Part 1) *New Series* MA (V,L,N) CC WS

Interestingly, if you happen to live in the USA, you can go to Amazon and buy downloads of the latest episodes of 'Prisonbreak' and '24'. Or you can get episiodes via 'Video On Demand' from the MySpace 'Prisonbreak' page.

Father Blaine

More magic in the movies, this time it's David Blaine in his big screen acting debut in the film 'Mr Lonely'. The film is directed by Harmony Korine... hmmm.. that name sound familiar?

In 1996 he was a gaffer on 'David Blaine Street Magic'. 1998 a segment director on 'David Blaine Magic Man'. 2003 he was director on 'David Blaine Above the Below'. Hey, it's not what you know...

Anyway, the film itself looks extremely weird, but when you take into account that Harmony wrote 'Kids', 'Gummo' and 'Ken Park'...

BlainemisterlonelyThis pic of David Blaine in costume from the movie comes from the new Magic News website Check it out if you haven't already.

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