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Cut it out!

I have no idea what method it is that these people are using, but why do SO MANY "magicians" have trouble doing such a basic trick???

Thank heaven gun's are banned in Australia... can you imagine the success rate they'd have with the bullet catch?!

(Thanks to Steve Walker for forwarding this article)

Surgery after slice of reality


March 29, 2007 02:15am

Article from: Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet.
The Advertiser

A SWORD-swallowing psychic whose powers failed him needed surgery yesterday after slicing his hand with an 8cm blade, during a Fringe act gone horribly wrong.

Remaining calm as blood gushed from his hand, Space Cowboy - also known as Chayne Hultgren - was 20 minutes into his "Mind Bending" show on Tuesday night, at the Fringe's the Garden of Unearthly Delights at East Tce.

During his second act, Hultgren had asked an audience member to hide the sharp blade under one of five polystyrene cups.

He then hit the cups hard with his hand, with the intention of avoiding the one hiding the blade.

Instead, he sliced his hand open when he "smashed" his hand down on the wrong cup.

The Advertiser's Liz Walsh, who was reviewing the show, said it was horrific. "We had just seen him eat swords in his first act which was amazingly freaky, and then this happened and it stunned the whole crowd," she said.

"He whacked his hand down on the first cup and it was fine. Then he whacked his hand down on the second cup and it was fine and then he whacked his hand on the third cup and it went straight through the blade."

Hultgren, who has performed all over the world and made history when he swallowed a sword while submerged in a tank full of sharks, remained calm and pulled the blade from his hand.

"He stayed calm and said: 'This isn't part of the show, you will have to go now'," Ms Walsh said. "There was blood everywhere . . . we knew something was very wrong."

He was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital and yesterday underwent surgery. Garden of Unearthly Delights producer Michelle Buxton said Hultgren would perform his show tonight.

"He has had to have surgery to repair some nerve damage, but he assures me he will be back to perform his show," Ms Buxton said.

Houdini = Sensationalism?!

Okay, Mr Bean didn't make me laugh, but reading this did:

"The Houdini family wants to honor the name of Houdini and not use it for sensationalism that does not honor him."

Of course! The last thing Houdini would want is to cause a sensation!

It was part of an, otherwise well written, statement from Houdini's relatives speaking out against him being exhumed. They get support from author Adam Steinfeld (as he tries to promote his book 'Houdini Lives!')

However, the "other side" of Houdini's family want him to be exhumed. You can read more about it here. Isn't it sad seeing people try to exploit the dead just so they can get rich and famous..Houdinis20grave2.

Has Bean...

Bean_460527_fullWe just got back from seeing 'Mr Bean's Holiday'. In another cinema comedian Adam Sandler is doing a serious turn as a man who loses his way after 9/11 in 'Reign Over Me'. You could easily think that Mr Bean is having a shot at drama in 'Mr Bean's Holiday' because there aint a lot of funny stuff!

In the opening scene we see workmen on a scaffold fixing up a church roof. Bean's car drives up... oh, oh! He parks... gets out... goes inside the church... the scaffold is still in tact. Hmmm. He wins a trip to France with 200 Euros cash and a camcorder as first prize in a raffle. (Second prize appeared to be a bottle of wine). Next thing we see is a train, arriving in Paris and out he gets.

He needs to go to Gare de Lyon, but through a mishap with some taxis, gets dropped off elsewhere in Paris far from his destination, and... he walks to Gare de Lyon.

Pretty funny stuff so far...

We do get a joke as he tries to buy a baguette from a vending machine and misses his train, but then it's just one incident after another: He causes a man to miss his train, he loses his suitcase, he loses his passport and all his money, he gets thrown off the train. All these things look about as funny as they would be in real life.

On Sunday night we watched a Mr Bean episode on UKTV. He was eating a meal in a posh restaurant. It had us in fits of laughter.

In 'Mr Bean's Holiday' he eats a meal in a posh (French) restaurant. It's not funny. What happened?

This is one of those rare films where I saw several people walking out. I guess they just knew that it wasn't going to get any funnier... and it didn't.

Some people in the audience applauded when the film was over (either die-hard Bean fans or just pleased that it was finally over). If you are a Mr Bean fan, go out and buy the 'The Whole Mr Bean' on DVD. Don't debase the memory of what was, once, a great comic creation by seeing this film.

(Or you can just visit the official movie website. Much funnier than the movie and free!)

The Ansvar Smash Repair Saga - nearing the end!

Matt, from Ansvar, called me today to let us know that the assessor (Mark) would call us tomorrow from the Smash Repairers to tell us when the repairs would be finished.

He anticipated by next week!!!

He also then told me that he had gotten approval from Ansvar to provide us with a replacement vehicle!!!! Only 16 weeks after the accident!!! I took him up on the offer and a green Commodore was delivered for us over the weekend.


Stunning Stuff!

Cunninglogo2A few days ago Sue-Anne discovered that our CUNNING STUNTS clip had disappeared from YouTube. I wrote to them and they said it was because it violated the copyright of the "Red Bull Air Racing Team" and "because you have had other videos rejected in the past, we are unable to reinstate your account."

Well the clip had nothing to do with Red Bull or Air Racing, I've never had videos rejected in the past, and my account is still functioning... so I suggested that YouTube may have accidentally deleted the wrong clip.

They said I need to go to a certain part of their site and file a counter-claim by printing out a form, filling it out and posting it to London.

Needless to say, it's much quicker just to put the clip up again through another account...


Craig Mitchell discovered that some &#$!#^@ has illegally posted our entire Cunning Stunts DVD on the net through UseNet.

I wrote to them and explained I was the copyright holder and I wanted it removed immediately. They said... I need to go to a certain part of their site and file a counter-claim by printing out a form, filling it out and posting it to London...



I just watched Oprah's 'The Reaction to The Secret - One Week Later'. It aired here in Australia today (I assume about a week ago in the USA).

Several observations:

1 - 'The Law of Attraction' seems to be, as expressed by the "teachers of 'The Secret'" simply karma redressed. You want good things to happen in your life then you must give out good vibrations into the universe, and the universe will give good things back to you. If you are having a bad life, it's because you are giving out negative vibrations.

They gave examples too.

One lady was in a miserable rut. She was very sad, drifting through life, going nowhere. (They even mentioned how her two sisters died when she was younger and she still feels guilt about that... there's the sympathy card!) So, after hearing about 'The Law of Attraction' she decided to write down her goals, and set out to realise them.

  • GOAL 1 - Have her own business. So, she started her own business.
  • GOAL 2 - Get married. So she joined internet dating websites, found a guy and married him.
  • GOAL 3 - Have kids. She had kids.
  • GOAL 4 - Get a dog. She got a dog.

She attributed this success, not to her actually doing something to make it happen, but to the univeral 'Law of Attraction'. Because she changed the negative vibrations to positive vibrations, the universe rewarded her.

Now, the obvious question is, does this mean if the people starving in Africa simply give out more positive vibrations and stop thinking of themselves as victims, will the universe reward them with food?

One studio audience member, essentially, asked that when he said "How can we apply 'The Secret' on a global scale to stop wars etc".

The 'Teacher of 'The Secret'' replied that things like 'The War on Terror' can never work because it will only create more terrorism. We must, instead, campaign for peace. But the world can never be at peace until we are at peace with ourselves. The 'Teacher' then said "When people ask me if there will be world peace I say "There is already... in my world"."

I assume there is no hunger or poverty in his world either.

Just like most New Age beliefs, 'The Secret' is totally ego-centric.

One lady said she was thrilled to hear that God is not in us, but we are in God. That statement from 'The Secret' made all the difference to her "trainwreck of a life" and she now feels powerful.

Apparently God, and the Bible, fits in perfectly well with 'The Secret'. They explained that when Jesus said "The kingdom of Heaven is at hand" what he actually meant was heaven is here on earth if we life our lives according to 'The Secret' positively, expressing gratitude and forgiving people. (They clarified that your motivation for forgiveness should be to remove the toxic energy of hate from you. Actually forgiving the person from your heart wasn't mentioned.)

It's interesting because every aspect of 'The Secret' was centred on YOU getting what YOU want out of life. If others didn't accept your forgiveness - doesn't matter (just as long as you get rid of those toxins), if the world around you is fighting wars - doesn't matter (just as long as you are living in peace inside yourself), if you become enormously wealthy because of 'The Secret', they even gave you tips as to how to deal with your friends who are jealous of your success.

Once they clarified that "Heaven is a place on earth" they went on to say that it only makes sense that "Hell is a place on earth too". If you are giving out negative vibrations to the universe, the universe will give them back to you and you will be living in hell.

They pointed out how they totally respect other people's "belief systems" BUT, consider that instead of living for some time way off in the future where you might receive your reward in "Heaven", "followers of 'The Secret'" (they used that term often) are living for today. They are living in the "now".

They also contradicted each other - but that didn't matter - it's all good!

One 'Teacher' said that a lady needed to turn her negative vibrations into positive thoughts and take action in order to achieve the goals that were eluding her in life. Oprah agreed and told the lady that instead of "fighting against the flow" of our lives, we must all look at where that flow is moving and go with it instead of fighting. The 'Teachers' agreed.

So - one says she should work against the flow, while Oprah says she should go with the flow, and BOTH are right!

This is one heck of a secret.

Put it simply - if you want a feel good injection of ego massage and a system that says you will never be "judged" for your actions (you just might have to "face the consequences"), there is no heaven or hell (imagine!), and all you need to do is look after yourself.. heck, the entire UNIVERSE is there to give you whatever you want if you ask the right way... then 'The Secret' is for you! (Just don't forget to buy the DVD, the books, and sign up for a few courses and lectures).

If, on the other hand, you actually understand what Jesus was teaching (as opposed to the 'Teachers of 'The Secret'' who say he claimed "Life was meant to be filled with abundance") and there are times you have to put others first, there are times you need to make sacrifices, and we need to look after the poor, the widows and the orphans. (Jesus said "the poor will always be with us"... guess 'The Secret' doesn't work for them) then maybe, just maybe, you'll be able to see through this woolly veil Rhonda Byrne and her increasingly rich New Age Prophets are trying to pull over our eyes.

Want to know if you're ready to sign up and follow 'The Secret'? Just answer this one question... who is more important to you: God or yourself? 

The New Age is truly upon us...

Well 'The Secret' is out again and bigger than ever thanks to being featured on 'Oprah's Book Club', and 'The Larry KIng Show'.

The book is is #2 on Amazon's Top Seller list (behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows') and the DVD is #1. Though, if you do go to the Amazon listing for the DVD, read the reviews which overwhelmingly can it... yet it is selling through the roof! (Oh, and here's one other review I found along with the IMdB user reviews, with most reviewers giving it one star out of ten, while fans give it ten stars out of ten).

Another reader pointed out that the authors talk about the 'Seven Laws of Attraction' (next is the 'Law of Abundance'... can you smell a massive multi-level marketing franchise in the wind?)

Interestingly enough, other books about 'The Law of Attraction' are experiencing a resurgence in sales too including 'The Law of Attraction: The basics of the teaching of Abraham'. Note: this is not the Abraham of Bible times, but " a group of spiritual teachers who call themselves Abraham." The author of the book, Esther HIcks, goes into deep channel trances to communicate with "Abraham".  (You can read quotes from "Abraham" on her website here).

Now this "Abraham" coined the term 'The Law of Attraction" (though the concept has been bandied about for years) and, apparently Esther was the first person the producers of 'The Secret' approached. They filmed Esther (and "Abraham") for their movie 'The Secret'. Later, Esther & co were edited out.

Some people suggest this is because the American people, who obviously LOVE the concept of 'The Secret', wouldn't like it quite as much if they knew it was the result of deep trance channelling.... (think the same sort of Spiritualism Houdini was debunking in the early 1900s... in those days mediums would try to contact a specific person, and that could easily be disproved, now they contact 'the wisdom of the universe')

Esther Hicks answers these critics with the following letter which was posted on her website, fascinating and revealing reading about what's going on in the heads of the people who truly believe this stuff... or at least pretend to so they can make a fortune selling it to us!

The Television Movie
From Jerry & Esther

Dear Friends,

Nearly two years ago, while on-board our Mexican Riviera Cruise, Prime Time Productions did an interview with Jerry and me, and with Abraham, in response to an agreement that we had all carefully crafted together for a television show that was to be aired in Australia called "The Secret." We were told that "The Secret" would be based on our work and that they would seek out other teachers who were in alignment with our work. We reviewed, on DVD, two other projects that had been created by this production company and found them to be beautifully done, and good-feeling pieces.

Since Jerry and I had never before stepped into the public forum in that way with our Abraham work, we followed the advice of our publisher, who introduced us to an intellectual property rights attorney who assisted us in drafting the agreement which would guide our involvement with this project. He explained to us that although he had included in the intellectual property rights license agreement that we were to receive a small percentage of the net profit from this project, and 10% of direct video sales, that it was very unlikely that (from his experience) we would receive any substantial compensation from our participation, and we were not unhappy with that arrangement. Our decision to do it was not motivated from the idea of making money from it, (unless there was profit to share) but because we were stimulated by the excitement of this beautiful producer, and when we met her and her beautiful crew, we easily loved them all.

As time went by, it became apparent that the television network that we had been told would air "The Secret" was not going to do it, at least not right now, and so the production company began seeking other ways of marketing their beautiful project to recoup their very large investment. While Jerry and I were uncomfortable with what felt to us like a rather aggressive marketing campaign (just not our style, nothing wrong with it) we stayed focused on our busy schedule and really had very little to do with what was happening with "The Secret."

Eventually we received an email from the producer of "The Secret" lovingly explaining (we never have received correspondence from her that was anything other than extremely loving) that the contract that we had all agreed upon and signed was no longer sufficient for their further distribution of the project in the areas they were now seeking to distribute the project, and that it would be necessary for us (Jerry and Esther) to relinquish our intellectual property rights in these areas forever and redo our contract or they would have to reluctantly edit us out. It was clear, from the lovingly written email that they did not want to edit us out, but after conferring with our publisher, and then our intellectual property rights attorney, and finally with Abraham, allowing them to edit us out was the path of least resistance. Abraham's words were very clear and easy to understand: "Whenever you are given an ultimatum that says, 'if you don't do this, then we will have to do such and such,' it is best that you just let it go and move on. Otherwise there is always another, and this, and this, and this?"

Now, it seems there is quite a firestorm surrounding our dis-involvment with "The Secret". We are receiving so many emails and letters and face-to-face questions from disappointed people regarding this, so we want you to understand how we feel about it.

We think that "The Secret" clearly and beautifully presents Abraham's Law of Attraction in a way that is easy to understand. It is filled with stunning beauty and beautiful people, many of whom are our personal friends. We love the way "The Secret" moves us, and we feel joy rise within our hearts every time we watch it. We feel the power of it, and the clarity of it, and we love "The Secret".

It is our desire that, rather than being upset that our part of "The Secret" will be omitted in future offerings of it, that instead you enjoy the original Abraham version, as it is, at this time, and that you look forward to what other incredible things these talented people may bring to you. These are people who clearly care about the planet, who want to be of value, and who, in our opinion, are of tremendous value.

Financially speaking, we have been very well paid for our participation with this project? which has amounted to a staggering amount of money. And if money were the most important factor, we assure you, we would have found some way of staying involved.

So, we're out here doing our thing, enjoying the incredible expansion of the message of Abraham, and are so looking forward to the wonderful things that are in our future. Abraham says to us and to you:

It is our desire that you be easy about all of this. There is nothing that has gone wrong here. Everything is in alignment. The Universe will offer a steady stream of uplifting avenues to all of you.

There is great love here for you, Abraham.

Our love,
Jerry & Esther