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FISM2009 Beijing - Delegates Tour Report

By Sue-Anne Webster, President FISM Australia.

The Chinese Acrobatics Association hosted international delegatesDelegates_2 in May this year, to inspect the new venue and the Chinese culture in Beijing for FISM 2009.

Now that Australia is a FISM country through 'Magic Unlimited Group Sessions' (the only organisation representing what is set to become FISM Oceania), Tim Ellis and I had the pleasure of experiencing superb hospitality, kindness and generosity from the members of the Chinese Acrobatics Association who showed us the sites and culture of a country that is fast becoming a super power.

The most breathtaking revelation about the major cities in China, Shanghai and Beijing, is that they seem to dwarf cities like NewYork. The rate at which enormous buildings and freeways are being constructed is mind blowing.



The Chinese government is on track to have infrastructure and amenities ready to host international guests for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing… which means Beijing will certainly be ready and experienced in hosting international guests for FISM 2009.

The Chinese Acrobatics Association hosted discussions inviting ideas and recommendations from the  international delegates in order to make FISM 2009 a successful event. If their attitude, commitment and dedication are anything to go by I believe we’ll certainly experience an ultimate adventure. This is a FISM not to be missed.

Citizens of Beijing are enjoying a new era. Apart from the air pollution (a problem which is being addressed) Beijing is surpassing many major cities in cleanliness. Plazas are being ripped up and new grounds are being laid between grand new shopping centres.


Clothes are a bargain, but steer clear of watches and electronics, unless bought from reputable traders.

Great_wall_3Some of the amazing sites and cultural experiences in and around Beijing are: The Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace, Kung Fu theatrical performances, Chinese acrobatics, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, vibrant colour and fabulous Chinese food. A little further away, Hangzhou and Shanghai offer temples, a town on water, river cruises and markets.

FISM registrants will be looked after by a host of multilingual volunteers who will make themselves available to help international guests. All accommodation is located outside the immediate city centre (where the FISM venue is located) and is easily reached by a new subway system.


The venue: The National Grand Theatre is still under construction. It’s an enormous titanium and glass ‘hemisphere’ surrounded by water.



The unusual access to the foyer of The National Grand Theatre is by a large underwater passage. Three theatres are housed in this venue. The Opera Theatre - site of the Stage competitions and gala shows, seats 2416 guests and holds one of the worlds largest stages complete with the latest high tech equipment and a five way moving stage - The Theatre with walls lined in silk, and the Concert Hall.

Domenico Dante, the International Vice President of FISM, is in charge of the dealers den, and will be enforcing strict measures to protect trading.

The Chinese Acrobatics Association is doing everything in it’s power so that East and West can meet together through the magical arts. Book now for best seating on

FISM 2009 Beijing details will also be updated over the next two years on our website and you can register now for FISM at the official site (the sooner you register, the better seats you'll have for the shows!)

Tim Ellis from Australia is interested in organising a group booking to FISM 2009 if registrants prefer to travel together. New Zealand and South African registrants are welcome to be a part of the group booking. Please contact Tim Ellis to register your interest in travelling together - [email protected]