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Just for the record

Since May last year I've gotten spam faxes from the VICTORIAN TOURISM CENTRE offering me all manner of wonderful holiday offers.

They also offer a phone number I can call to be removed from their fax number list.

Every time I've got one of their faxes I've called that number, listened to the recording, and left a message with my fax number asking to be removed from their list.

We got one last week, and we got another today.

I've had enough of this PROLIFIC spammer and I called their holiday booking number where I was able to speak to a real person and she guaranteed I was now off their list. Not good enough, their staff have guaranteed that before but the faxes kept coming.

I asked for her name, the best she would give me was SLADJANA, she refused to give her last name but did insist she was only replacing the receptionist for that one hour... I asked for the company's address and she couldn't seem to give that to me and she transferred me to VIOLET who asked if I wanted to be removed from the fax list (??!!) I told her I'd been assured that I had been removed and I was able to get the company address from her: 420 William St, Melbourne. No particular floor apparently... they fill the entire building...

So, I am posting this as a record because, if I get one more fax from them, I'm going straight to ASIC and the ACMA.

I'm sure I'm not the only one sick and tired by companies blatantly disregarding the wishes of consumers.