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A Phoney Adventure

My 02 XDAII has been playing up (it's almost THREE YEARS OLD!!) and I need to get a new phone. So when I saw this press release I decided I should take a look at the new HTC Touch. The release was issued on July 5 and said:

The HTC Touch will be available around Australia next week through Optus and OfficeWorks, along with selected PC and mobile phone stores, with an outright cost of $699.

However, this week has proven fruitless in my search for the phone.

Htc_touchA call to Officeworks Preston on Monday revealed that they didn't have it in and didn't know when it was coming in. (I popped in again Wednesday and they had a demo model sitting on the cash register counter, but the staff member working in the Tech area said he had no idea when it was coming in). A visit to Telechoice at Northcote Plaza, they hadn't heard of it but they were interested and called Optus only to be told Optus had no idea when it was coming in. (I popped in again on Wednesday and they still had no word about it).

Today I visited Telechoice in Greensborough and the lady behind the counter hadn't heard of it, but pretended she had, and she asked her manager who was busy serving someone else. He said, "We don't have any in stock, we have to order it in for customers. It's a speciality phone and we don't get many people asking for it." Then he went back to his customer and the lady didn't ask "Would you like us to order it in for you." She just stood there. It was an extremely poor lie. I think she realised I would not be returning to their store.

I popped in to Telstra at Greensborough, and I know they won't be handling HTC Touch, but I thought I'd ask. A man came out of the back towards me, smiling, and asked if he could help me. I said "I know you probably don't have it, but I'm looking for the HTC Touch." He said they didn't have it, then walked away. I was the only customer in the shop, he didn't offer to show me anything else. I guess the phones must sell themselves at Telstra...

Finally, I stopped in at OptusWorld in Preston today, and they looked it up on their files. They found it listed, told me the pricing, and said that, as the pricing came out on July 13, the phone should be in store on July 27.

So... I guess I'll go back next week.