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Yesterday Sue-Anne attended ARMAGEDDON - The Pop Culture Expo at the Exhibition Centre and it was HUGE! (It's on again today if you feel the urge to check it out).

Sue-Anne went in for two hours in her capacity of the official look-a-like of and the reaction was amazing! The walk from the carpark to the Expo took longer than we expected as she was constantly stopped by people asking to have photos with her. Once inside the expo things got even crazier with a constant flow of people wanting to have their pictures taken with Jeannie.


Finally Sue-Anne got to the official photo area where people bought tokens then lined up to have pictures taken with their favourites. And the line was loooong, about 150 people when we arrived to get pics with Alan Tudyk (Serenity/Death at a Funeral), Connor Trineer (Star Trek Enterprise/Stargate Atlantis), and John Wesley Shipp (The Flash). Quite a few people usede their tokens to get their photo taken with Jeannie too! 


After the photo session, we strolled through the extremely crowded expo filled with stands from Minotaur, Borders, The Geek Store and more. There was a wrestling area with Rob Van Dam and Sabu, a very popular pizza eating competition, tons of displays of all kinds and autograph areas were comic book and animation stars of all kinds were signing their work for fans. Sue-Anne created a bit of a stir when she walked past one area and two of the guests rushed out from behind their signing desks, much to the amusement of the fans who were lined up, to go over and get photos with Jeannie. Here you can see her with Richard Horvitz (Invader Zim/Billy & Mandy/Angry Beavers) and Billy West (Futurama/Ren & Stimpy) who went into an impromptu scene playing all the other characters from 'I Dream of Jeannie'. ("Major Nelson, why is it snowing in your living room?" "I can explain that Dr Bellows...")


All in all it was a great time and Sue-Anne literally made some fans dreams come true (one was almost speechless when he finally came face to face with Jeannie. He said it had been one of his life's dreams to hug Jeannie, and he finally got to do it... a moment he'll never forget).

One interesting observation... we've always known that fans love to meet the actors who play their favourite characters, but yesterday we realised that a lot of fans, given the choice to get a photo with the actor or the character, would much prefer a pic with the character!