Just a really well put together magic act.

Lawrence Leung Learns to Breakdance


On Friday night we saw Lawrence Leung Learns to Breakdance and, like his previous shows, it was excellent! The way in which Lawrence has mastered the art of Powerpoint Presentation makes me feel that he may be at the forfront of the re-emergence of an old Victorian style of parlour entertainment, 'The Lecture'. Many (many) years ago, people were entertained in their homes or clubs by others giving talks (often humorous) on various subjects. Lawrence's new show transcends stand-up comedy and really captures that style as he speaks about the angst of being a younger brother and takes us step by step through his quest to become cool.

But the most important thing magicians can learn about this show, as Lawrence is also a magician, is the easy-going, natural and genuine way in which Lawrence presents himself. He comes across as a real person we want to have as a friend.

I know some magicians feel they need to come across as a superior, master of the universe, in control of everything including their audience. Maybe some can play that role well, but most just look like they're self-deluded and up themselves.

Go see Lawrence Leung in action. He let's people like him. People enjoy spending an hour in his company. And all this, without any magic tricks at all!