Impressive stuff...



We saw Cloverfield today. It's JJ Abram's (he of 'Lost' fame) take on the classic "Monster Movie" genre. It's a very effective piece of story telling and the special effects are astonishing, however be warned: If you suffer from motion-sickness STAY AWAY! It's filmed in the 'Blair Witch' hand-held home-video style... and  90 minutes of jerking and jarring on the big screen can be just a little too much for many people.

Was this choice of single-camera cinematography wise? It certainly made the whole thing more realistic, but less epic. The special effects were more convincing, but harder to watch.

To be honest, I think if they made two versions of this film, one hand-held and the other standard Hollywood format, the latter would make a killing on the box office.

Take a look if you dare, it may not scare you, but it may make you sick!