Oh Brother...
The Next Uri Geller

The Wizard Jacobs

Has anyone caught the performances of 'The Wizard Jacobs and Goblin Sprightly' at Sovereign Hill? Drop us a note in the comments section and tell us all about it. Apparently they do two shows daily plus a main street segment throughout the school holidays.

Plus, inkeeping with the John Edward 'Crossing Over' show being presented at 'Australia Zoo' (which appears to be sold out according to Ticketek), Sovereign Hill offers a "Bookings Only" show called 'Beyond The Veil'. I like the way they say it "was popular in the 19th century" and "are you being tricked?"

Beyond the Veil – A Supernatural Experience

Bookings Essential

Keeping in touch with friends and relatives who had ‘crossed to the other side’ was popular in the 19th century – and still is! Hear strange stories of the supernatural. Will you believe what you see and hear? Or, are you being tricked?