Joel Howlett - Young Citizen of the Year
Sights of Bangkok

Back from Bangkok

We got back from Bangkok yesterday afternoon and I had a show last night so we're still a bit beat. I'll fill you all in on the details over the next few days. It was a quick trip over to do a night of magic for a Marriott hotels conference. It was all booked at the last minute so we flew in on Tuesday, did the show Wednesday and couldn't fly out until Friday afternoon because there simply weren't any earlier flights available. The client was very happy with the show (close up over drinks from both of us, 30 minute stage show featuring a customised Marriott IT trick, then a second 30 minute show closing with The Houdini Trunk). The trunk added a lot of complications, international freight, customs etc, but it all came together in the end and now we can get back to planning our Comedy Festival Shows. (News about them tomorrow!)