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Getting back on track...

Sorry I've been so slack in posting lately.

Since we got back from Bangkok it's been go, go, go! We've been preparing for the Comedy Festival Shows: finishing the scripts, creating the props and new effects, organising the promotions, sorting our group ticket sales, working with LightFM and our other sponsors, finalising poster and pamphlet distribution, getting lighting plots organised, preparing music, hiring backdrops.. etc, etc, etc

The shows are now listing on the Comedy Festival Website here and here, please spread the word and email the links to all your friends - (the Festival launches on Thursday with a full program guide in The Age) and if you'd like to take advantage of the $10 ticket deal, you have about a week left, so call now on (03) 9486 4445.

Meanwhile Sue-Anne is preparing to head off to Hong Kong, I'm trying to get our freight back from Bangkok and the phone just won't stop ringing (which, of course, is a very good thing!)

I'm still trying to catch up from Christmas! I got a few great books that I was able to read in January ('Controversy Creates Cash', 'Heartbreak & Triumph', 'Turning the Tables: The Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling', 'Mr Lucky', 'Loaded Dice', 'Look Me In The Eye', 'Suppertime', 'The Magic Shop', 'All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome', 'Paul Zenon's Dirty Tricks') and I was lucky enough to be given 'Super Mario Galaxy' which I've got to play just a little on the Wii, plus Sue-Anne gave me these...


... a pair of Powerizer jumping stilts... I've somehow managed to get up and wander around on despite having only two tries on them (so far!) And I've got to tell you, standing up on a pair of these things is a lot scarier than getting sawn in half with a chainsaw!

2008 is already looking amazing! We're doing another season at The Magic Castle in Hollywood as well as lecturing there in July/August (I'll be performing in The Parlour while Sue-Anne will MC the show in The Palace), plus we've got several offers to do magic conventions overseas... and as much as we'd love to do them all, squeezing them in is the biggest problem.

We've also revamped our corporate shows for 2008, with several new ones in development, and we're getting some really interesting proposals for big shows later in the year (including compering work which we both really love).

Plus there's quite a few more projects in the early stages of development which, of course, you'll read about here - or in our monthly email newsletter (do you get it already?) even that's getting a facelift this month too! (If you'd like to be on our emailing list, send me an email with the word SUBSCRIBE to )

As for me, I think I'm going to take a little lie down...