Blackpool - Craig Mitchell reports:

Movie Update

Seeing as I'm back on the subject of movies... here are some quick one-line reviews of other films we've caught recently:

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN - Superb. Absolute must see and destined to win several Oscars. Javier Bardem is terrifying.

THERE WILL BE BLOOD - Another must see. Enthralling, sprawling epic tale. Superb acting by Daniel Day-Lewis.

AMERICAN GANGSTER - Based on a true story that will upset you then inspire you. Both Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington are great, but it's the story that outshines them both.

THE MIST - I thought the Stephen KIng adaption 1408 was bad, but this was absolutely awful. The trailer was good though.

SWEENEY TODD - I think I've already mentioned it here, fascinating film combining musical theatre and hardcore horror. Great performance by Johnny Depp though, as usual.

PS: I LOVE YOU - I didn't see it but Sue-Anne absolutely loved it. Take lots and lots of tissues.