Indecent Exposure
An exclusive preview of the Celebracadabra poster!

A little update...

Yesterday, the screen of my HTC Touch phone cracked. It was in my pocket as usual, I don't recall bumping into anything, but it cracked anywhere rendering the phone totally useless. I took it to a dealer who explained "These screens are pretty delicate" and the repair would cost $180. I'm still deciding whether or not to repair such a "delicate" phone.

Also, for the past few days I've been trying to buy a pull down projector screen for the Razorblade show. I need a 7ft screen (214cm x 214cm) and no-one who advertises them on the internet seems to have any in stock. I called TasmanAV, who advertise a 'Price Guarantee' and I hit them with a good price I got on the internet from one supplier (also based in Collingwood right near Tasman). At first they matched the price (which was a lot less than Tasman's catalogue price) but when I told them it was GST inclusive, they baulked. Eventually, after I pressed them about the whole concept of a "Guarantee" they agreed to match the price... but discovered, much to their dismay, they didn't have any in stock.

Later I tried Harvey Norman. The guy there was very helpful. Yes, they were in stock. Yes, they could give me a good price. Would I be willing to buy a screen that's a little bigger? Yes! I'd prefer it! Everything seemed too good to be true, so as I couldn't actually look at the screen before I bought it, I pressed him until he brought out a brochure. That's when reality came crashing down. The screen was 16:9 not 4:3 and it's size was something like 240cm x 112cm. So it wasn't bigger at all, but actually almost half the size of what I wanted. He didn't seem phased. His lack of product knowledge almost got him a sale!

The last two days we've been bumping our shows in to the Northcote Town Hall. Tomorrow is our last day plus we're doing a radio interview on 89.9 LIGHTFM in the afternoon, then it's off to see Frank Woodley's solo show at The Comedy Theatre. Big day, busy weekend coming up, then a really, really busy two weeks of shows for us!

Please spread the word and get all your friends and family to come along and see the shows too! We'd love to catch up and see you there!