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Comedy Festival Day One

Attention Convention Organisers!

Last night I had a dream of a very different type of Magic Convention.

The Convention was designed to encourage magicians to learn to work together instead of competing against each other.

It was run over five days, and staged more like a 'Magic Festival' for the public rather than a traditional convention.

Each night there was a public show in a theatre, attended by both delegates and the public, but here's the big difference - each show was performed and staged entirely by registrants.

  • When you register, you have to specify if you are registering as a performer or a backstage assistant.
  • Registrations close a week or so before the convention.
  • When registrations close, all registrants are divided up into five teams comprising performers and backstage assistants.
  • Everyone is notified of who is on which team, and email loops or separate websites are set up so members of each team can co-ordinate with each other no matter how faraway they are. (Of course, if it's a local convention it's much easier because you can have face to face team meetings).
  • The teams essentially have the task of staging one of the public shows and can do so in any way they choose. It can be a traditional MC/Act show, a storyline show, or any other format they can come up with... the more creative and unusual the better!

I'm sure there would be a variety of activities during the day to keep registrants who weren't working on that night's show busy, but I can't remember that part of the dream.

Anyway, if anyone decides to stage a convention in this format, drop me a line, I'd love to attend!