Day three - Comedy
Magic Faker of the Month - Simon Crack

Day four - Comedy Festival

Our last few days have looked a little like this:

  • 7am - Up and preparing
  • 9am - arrive at Northcote Town Hall to set up a full illusion show
  • 11am - doing a very hyper one hour show,
  • 12noon - signing autographs and selling merchandise for 30 minutes
  • 12.30pm - resetting everything
  • 2pm - do the show again
  • 3pm - autographs and merchandise
  • 3.30pm - pack up
  • 5pm - getting home around for two hours of officework, resetting and preparing
  • 7pm - back to the theatre to set up and prepare the other show
  • 9pm - a fifty minute show
  • 9.50pm - tidying up and washing blood off dozens of props
  • 12am - getting home and finishing off officework
  • 1.30pm - getting to bed and trying to sleep with the over-catchy tunes from the Razorblade show running through our heads

It's a pretty gruelling schedule when you're doing it every day for two weeks. Even though we're really enjoying the shows we decided we're going to have to pace ourselves and, as there were no advance ticket sales for tonight's 9pm show, we decided to take the night off and just catch up on officework and sleep - and give some attention to our neglected Lorikeets. (And if anyone does turn up to see tonight's show, they'll get free tickets to see it on any other night!)

Our two day shows today were amazing - so I definitely think we've earned a break. Our 11am show was almost full, and our 2pm show was over-full! It's hard to turn anyone away, though some people don't seem to realise that if you don't book in advance to see a show, you may miss out. Next week we have a lot of bookings for both shows... so who knows what's going to happen!

Meanwhile, both of tomorrow's ILLUSIONARIUM shows are already more than half full thanks to advance bookings, and we have quite a few booked in for SOMETHING ABOUT NEEDLES & RAZORBLADES so it will be back to our regular schedule.